earn extra income by google adsense ads

Earn Extra Income
Earn Extra Income

Looking for an earn extra income from your website online? Why are you wasting your time, you can use Google AdSense Program on your website for getting extra income. There are many options to get extra income, Google AdSense Program is the best option to get extra income online.

A website owner must learn three basic fundamentals:

A) How Google AdSense Program works to earn extra income?
B) Why use Google AdSense Program?
C) How can sign up and connect the site with Google AdSense Program to earn extra income?

A) How Google AdSense Program works to earn extra income?

A website owner can earn extra income by using Google AdSense Program. Google AdSense Program provides the way for getting an extra income with your website from their online content. Your website content should be unique and passed by Google Copyscape.
Grammatically, your content should be perfect and you can test by this website: https://grammarly.com by adding Google Chrome extension in a browser.

You can use for check content uniqueness with this website https://www.duplichecker.com

Google AdSense Program display the ad in your website with match your website content and visitors search.

Google AdSense Program works in three concepts:
a) Ad space should be available on your website.
b) Google AdSense Program display high paying ads as based on website content.
c) Google AdSense Program pay the amount on time.

B) Why use Google AdSense Program?

Google AdSense Program is an absolutely free program to earn extra income by a website. A website owner can display all size of ad in different-different pages. Its simple way to customize the ad as based on your theme.

C) How can sign up and connect the site with Google AdSense Program to earn extra income?

Now I am sharing with you to connect the website with Google AdSense Program. Its simple 3 steps:

a) Create an AdSense account

For using Google AdSense Program, if you have already Gmail account, you can use the same account for Google AdSense Program. There are simple steps to Sign up with Google AdSense Program:

i) Open this URL https://www.google.com/AdSense/start
ii) And click ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button if you have already Gmail account, click on ‘SIGN IN’ link on a top right corner.

Google AdSense Program
Google AdSense Program

iii) Enter your website URL for display the ad.
iv) Choose your country or territory.
v) Review the Google AdSense Program terms and conditions
vi) And click on ‘Create Account’

b) Activate your Google AdSense Program

After creating an account with Google AdSense Program, you have to complete the task as mentioned in the dashboard.

  • connect your website with Google AdSense
  • provide your payment details and
  • verify your mobile/phone number.

c) Set your ad for running the website

Now create your first ad to display in website.

Now your website is up and running with Google AdSense Program


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